What Material Of Baby Girl Bibs

Our baby girl bibs are made from 100% BPA Free silicone, which is totally safe for baby.

Clean up the mess! – our ultra wide buckets remain open for more dropped food, keeping your baby clean and dry during meals.

Your baby's comfort is key – our soft baby girl bibs fit comfortably around the baby's neck, and adjustable shoulder straps ensure that they grow perfectly.

Lovely children need the same lovely accessories! -The only thing that's cuter than a baby at dinner is that your baby wears baby girl bibs at dinner.

Save time and money – with our baby girl bibs, cleaning during meals is quick and easy, and you no longer need to clean or throw away stained bibs.

You can be confident in what's in it – we only use certified food grade silicone, which doesn't contain BPA, PVC, lead, latex, mercury and phthalates.

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What Material Of Baby Girl Bibs

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