What should be considered when synthesizing dimethyl silicone oil

Dimethylsiloxane, you are no stranger. A kind of inert, tasteless, non-toxic, chemical stability, electrical edge and weather resistance, and has a strong aChinaali resistance, widely used in various sectors of industrial and agricultural production. But what should be paid attention to when dimethyl silicone oil is synthesized?

In the process of synthesizing dimethylsilicone oil, the first reaction time is 4 hours, then neutralization is 1 hour, and then it is removed for 4 hours. The volatile component is 1.8%, and the yield is 79%. Then, the process is as follows: reaction for 4 hours, neutralization for 1 hour, overnight, debinding for 4-6 hours the next day, the volatile content is 0.65%, and the yield is 56%.

1. Whether the catalyst is not completely neutralized, and the equilibrium reaction is continued when the catalyst is de low. Because DMC is constantly extracted, DMC is also generated in the equilibrium reaction, resulting in low yield of dimethylsilicone oil.

2. Whether excessive acetic acid leads to degradation reaction and DMC is also generated.

3. In addition to ensuring the correct ratio of synthetic silicone base and acid, there is also a problem of low yield. When the operator takes off the low content, first of all, the vacuum degree is not well controlled and the silicone oil is pumped out.

Dimethyl silicone oil was synthesized. Need to pay attention to the above points, in dimethyl storage, we should also pay attention to keep it away from acid and aChinaali, as well as open fire.


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