What should people pay attention to when using disposable masks in life

Disposable masks are not strange to everyone, people wear disposable masks when they travel, but many users often have certain problems when using disposable masks, such as: only covering the mouth, the nose is not covered; upside down, the metal strip side. It is on the chin; no distinction is made between positive and negative sides, namely blue (green) color side and white side. It should be noted that only when the mask is used correctly can the protective effect of the mask be exerted.

General masks are divided into three layers from the outside to the inside: the first layer is a colored waterproof layer to prevent droplet infection; the second layer is a filter layer, which is the place where bacteria are mainly filtered; the third layer is a water-absorbing material, which can absorb and match Mouth foam produced by the wearer. In addition, the mask structure also contains metal strips, whose main function is to prevent the mask from falling off.

The correct use of disposable masks should include the following: the mask is also divided into front and back sides, and the blue (green) side should be outside, and the white side should be inside. The white face material is relatively soft, and it will be more comfortable against the face. The mask should not be turned upside down. Only the metal strip is on top, and the wearing method pressed on the bridge of the nose is correct, so that the mask will not fall off easily. It is not easy to cover the mouth and not the nose, unless it is intentional.

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