What Should Pregnant Women Pay Attention To When Wearing Disposable Masks

Everyone should be familiar with masks. Many residents wear masks when they travel, mainly to ensure people's health. So what should you pay attention to when wearing a mask in the daily life of pregnant women, the following is a brief introduction to the majority of users.

The first point is the breathing resistance of the mask

If the mask of the pregnant woman is too durable, it is easy to breathe and it is easy to affect the development of the abdomen fetus. Therefore, it is generally recommended that pregnant women should give priority to breathing resistance when choosing masks for pregnant women. It is best to choose 50pa resistance. If the resistance is 30pa, it can be regarded as a good mask for pregnant women. Maternity masks have relatively low breathing resistance and good breathability.

Second, mask smell

Mask smell should be the biggest pain for everyone who buys masks. If you buy a mask for pregnant women, you cannot stop the smoke. You will first be hurt by the smell of the mask, and many smells are harmful to the human body. It tastes good, and pregnant women's masks should reject the mask smell. Especially pregnant women are more sensitive to taste than usual.

Third, the filtering efficiency of masks

Filtration efficiency is the most important indicator of masks. Generally, the filtering efficiency of a good pregnant woman mask is higher than 95%. For example, N95 mask or KN95 mask. It is best to check the brand mask test report at the time of purchase.

Fourth, the comfort of wearing masks

Comfort includes the skin-friendly nature of the mask fabric, the comfort of the mother mask on the nose, the safety of the metal nose band in the mask, and more importantly, whether the ear is directly affected by uncomfortable wear when the ear is comfortable.

Fifth, the airtightness of the mask

The tightness of a pregnant woman's mask determines whether the mask wears. If the pregnant woman's mask is leaked, the mask is no longer good.

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