What Silicone Table Mat Can Be Used For

Let me ask you a question first, do you have a silicone table mat? If not, you should have one.I'm gonna give you some reasons.

Our silicone table mat is non slip, light weight, easy to clean with mild soap and water, folded / rolled for storage.

They have proved to be very suitable for:

-Bread dough kneading and pastry making (additional benefit: unlike dough plates, these mats are non slip, light weight and easy to store)

-Dry dish mat (it doesn't absorb water, but it still works in my opinion)

-Table mats (large enough to hold food / liquids from dirty diners, especially children)

-Craft and hobby mat (non slip – place on your desk to prevent paint, glue, ink, scratches, etc. Note: These are not used or are not suitable for use as cutting pads)

-Desk cover (protect desk from scratches, handwriting, wine ring, heavy objects, etc.)

With so many usages in one silicone table mat, it will be the best choice for you.

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What Silicone Table Mat Can Be Used For

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