What to do if the fabric is stained with silicon

silicone oil softener is the most widely used textile auxiliaries, the best effect and the most stable textile auxiliaries. If it is used well, it will help our fabric printing and dyeing, but if it is not used well, it will cause silicon spots, seriously affect the effect of the product, and may also cause waste.

It should be noted that the most widely used in the market is amino silicone oil and other soluble silicone oil. Jiechen Chemical Co., Ltd. provides solutions or suggestions to solve the problem of silicon spots after the use of emulsified silicone oil such as amino silicone oil.

1How to deal with and remove silicon spots.

① To dye silicon spots, first use silicon remover to clean the fabric; ② wash the fabric again: add 2-3g / L washing emulsifier and water (according to the actual situation) with pH value of about 5 (adjusted by acetic acid), and then wash for 10-20 minutes at 45 ℃.

③ Take part in the normal modification technology of dyes, etc., and use desiliconizer before solid stripping. If there is no need to change the dyeing, it can be dehydrated, softened and dried from the head.

Conclusion: the method of removing and treating silicon spots is washing, controlling temperature, selecting proper washing emulsifier, and then adding desiliconizer with pH value.

2How to prevent silicon spots?

After the previous treatment of silicon spots, we should know that the way to prevent silicon spots should be the same. First of all, the most important thing is to check and inspect the quality of the fabric to ensure that the fabric is free of impurities and various properties meet the requirements; secondly, it is necessary to grasp the pH value and temperature; the most important thing is to use anti adhesion agent or anti dye agent when using other additives or coatings in the bath. (warm tip: use adhesive carefully.)

Presumably after the above introduction, we should have a little bit of thinking about silicon plaque. In fact, to solve this problem, the most fundamental is to learn how to use silicone oil, so as to reduce the trouble behind.

What to do if the fabric is stained with silicon

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