What You Have To Know About Masks

N95 mask standard




1. Medical protective mask: it complies with the compulsory standard of China GB 19083-2010, and the filtration efficiency is 95% (test with non oily particles). It is required to pass the synthetic blood penetration test (to prevent body fluid splashing) and meet the microbial indicators;




2. N95 respirator: NIOSH certified in the United States, filtration efficiency of non oil particles 95%;




3. Kn95 respirator: it meets the mandatory standard of GB 2626, and the filtration efficiency of non oil particles is 95%;




As like as two peas, the above three levels of mask efficiency test methods are exactly the same. So the filter efficiency level is the same




Use of masks


1. The warm mask used in daily life has no anti-virus effect, and it's useless to wear any more


2. Disposable masks should be disposed of immediately after use, and cannot be used twice, no matter whether it is high-temperature disinfection, alcohol disinfection or disinfection water disinfection can not be used again


3. N95 respirator can be used for 2 to 4 days generally, and the longest time is no more than 5 days. Generally, it is recommended to replace the respirator when it has poor air tightness or obvious respiratory resistance or when it is damaged. Similarly, it can not be reused after being abandoned


4. No haze mask or dust mask shall be anti-virus as long as it is not in accordance with N95 compulsory standard

What You Have To Know About Masks

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