What’s The Difference Between Disposable Ordinary Mask And Medical Mask

Nowadays, air pollution in China is everywhere. Pollution such as smog, exhaust, dust, etc. affects people's health all the time, harms human skin, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and even causes defects in the development of the fetus, which directly affects the next With the healthy growth of a generation, it is difficult to eradicate air pollution temporarily, but as an individual, you can choose to wear a disposable medical folding mask to protect and reduce the harm of air pollution.

At present, many disposable masks on the market are ordinary masks, that is, fiber masks. Its blocking principle is a mechanical blocking effect. Through the mechanical blocking layer by layer, large particles can be blocked, but the diameter cannot be blocked. Particles smaller than 5 microns, such as smog and particles of such a small diameter, this type of mask basically does not have any blocking effect. In addition, large breathing resistance can easily cause hypoxia and chest tightness. The use of inferior fabrics can cause skin discomfort when worn for a long time.

The four-layer N95 MF0104-foldable mask with valve produced by the company is a disposable medical mask, which is comfortable, odorless, and non-irritating to the skin. It uses imported non-woven fabric as the fabric, which is environmentally friendly, comfortable, and efficient It can effectively filter solid particles, dust, smog and other particles, and can even protect against filtering bacteria. With the breathing valve, the breathing is smoother, allowing you to breathe safely and freely.

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