What’s The Folding Mouth-Muffle Storage Clips?

What's The Folding Mouth-Muffle Storage Clips?

The silicone preservation clips help you keep your masked clean and save resources. Made of food-grade environmental friendly material, the storage clip is safe and odor-free so that you can rest assured to use. The storage holder can effectively protect and prevent pollution. The small sized storage clip is easy to carry, so you can put directly in your pocket or backpack. The storage holder can be reused, and should be cleaned in time after each use.


Mask storage case Size: 19*16cm/7.48*6.3in, you will get total 2 pack

Face mask storage box made of food grade silicone material, Flexible texture, 230 degree High temperature resistance, Wearable and durable

Mask storage keeper Hanging hole portable, convenient, safe space

The mask storage holder can be boiled and sterilized, it is reusable.

Dust and moisture-proof, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of the mask. Also don't worry about how to keep the mask temporarily when eating.

What's The Folding Mouth-Muffle Storage Clips?

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