What’s The Furniture Silicone Protection Cover?

What's The Furniture silicone Protection Cover?

The silicone furniture protection cover is made of premium soft silicone and 100% nontoxic, these chair leg covers are safe for both children and pets. Thanks to amazing elasticity, the chair leg cup can wrap all furniture legs tightly.

When using the chair protection covers, It is not necessary to paste it on the floor to firmly grasp the feet of furniture. Moreover, the chair leg cup is not easy to fall off.

The table leg covers protect all furniture from damage, anti-slip chair leg cap, and reduce scratches and noise without leaving marks.

WIDE USE: Our chair feet protector is suitable for round, square, or other shapes of furniture feet. Because the chair feer cover is stretchable, it fits a variety of furniture feet: dining room chair, patio chair, kitchen chair, desk chair, and so on.


Made of high-quality silicone material that is both strong and durable.

Protect both chair feet and floor from being damaged.

Prevent scratches and noise without leaving marks when moving furniture.

Suitable for a variety of furniture feet shapes.

What's The Furniture Silicone Protection Cover?

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