What’s The Silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder?

What's The silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder?

Silicone hand sanitizer holder for bottles are 30ml/1oz. The bottle is very easy to carry because of its small size. Use the silicone rope on sleeve to easily attach bottles to your keys, purse, bag, etc. Also you could put it on your bag or pocket.

Transparent bottles show the color of the contents, so you don't have to worry about confusion when using them. Spiral nozzle leak proof design can make travel bottle leak proof, prevent liquid leakage or overflow, and provide protection for your luggage and clothes.

When you travel, you can use it to fill toiletries, liquid or cream cosmetics, food condiments, etc.

Put the hand sanitizer bottles into these colorful silicone boxes to make them easy to access. When going in and out of public places frequently, hang a bottle of wine on the schoolbag, and then hang another bottle of wine by the door of the room to keep hands clean.

What's The Silicone Hand Sanitizer Holder?

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