What’s The Silicone Oven Pads?

What's The silicone Oven Pads?

These pot holders was made up of food-grade silicone material, they won’t stain, mold or absorb odors. They are durable, flexible, soft feeling & repeatedly folding. No smell and nontoxic, using them is absolutely safe for your health.

Honeycomb design oven pads is good at cooling rapidly, preventing water from splashing, resisting skid to make it easy to grip.

 These trivets provide better heat insulation. (Size: 7 x 7 x0.3 inche) Up to 0.3" thickness provides extra protection. Heat resistant up to 464℉, withstands temperatures from -30℃ to 240℃ (-22℉ to 464℉ )(Size: 7 x 7 x0.3 inche).

These hot dish pads is easy to clean with hand wash, safety wash in dishwasher, waterproof, damp proof. When not in use, simply roll them up and store away inside a drawer or simply hang them on a hook

Honeycomb design in the thick food grade silicone make these heat resistant mats multipurpose. Suitable for pot holders, heat resistant mats, dish drying mats, spoon rest, jar openers, hot pot pads, kitchen countertop mats, bowls mat, dish mats, place mats, coasters, table mats, oven mitts, oven pads, oven mats.

What's The Silicone Oven Pads?

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