What’s The Silicone Paw Print Mold?

What's The silicone Paw Print Mold?

The silicone paw print mold for baking is made byfood grade eco friendly silicone. The silicone baking mold is easy to use,which is suitable for oven, micro-wave ovwn, dish washer, freezer safe. It can be used in the temperature range from -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s a perfect choice for baking.

These multi-functional molds are not only for making ice cube, but also for chocolate, candy, soap, cake bread, mousse, pudding, jelly, etc. The mold is flexible and non-stick. It’s easy to demold and clean, durable for long time use.

Easy to Use –Our Mini Paw shaped mold is designed to bend and be flexible. Our Pet Paw mold allows you to pop out any finished product without any extra work.

These Pet Paw molds can be used in many varieties from Homemade dog treats, candy mold, Cake topper, gummies, chocolate mold, ice cube tray, cake decorating, hard candy to much more. No matter baking or freezing, our Bone and Paw shaped molds can withstand it.

What's The Silicone Paw Print Mold?

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