What’s The Silicone Shell Molds For Pastry

What's The silicone Shell Molds For Pastry

The silicone shell molds for cake makind are made of good quality silicone,durable,anti broken, flexible, collapsible, long service time. And the temperature range from -40 to 446F (-40c to +230c). It is safe for dishwasher, microwave oven and refrigerator. Perfcet for making chocolate, cakes, candy, pizza, bread, jelly, pudding, butter and soap etc.

The silicone baking molds offers great advantages over the traditional metal pans.They are premium quality and flexible. You never have to worry about them breaking, fading, getting scratched, dented or rusting.Making these delicious, healthy cake is a simple task with the Aokinle silicone pan. 

These silicone shell cake molds are sure to become a family favorite.Baking More Healthy Treats for Your Family and Friends. Silicone are easy to clean, end the struggle of soaking and scrubbing after every bake.

What's The Silicone Shell Molds For Pastry

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