What’s The Silicone Skull Ice Mold?

What's The silicone Skull Ice Mold?

The Silicone Skull Ice Mold is great for parties, bars, restaurants, summer, holiday events and holiday gifts.

Reliable material: food grade silicone. Non-toxic.100% safe to use. Non-stick materials. Easy to make a full skull ice.This durable and flexible silicone ice tray won't crack or break like Plastic ice tray; easy to fill, remove and clean.

Multiple use: it can also be used as mousse mold, sugar mold, chocolate, ice cream, soap making tools. And it is fantastic to be used in various occasions like parties, beaches, wine party and holiday events etc.

Funny add it on: these ice cubes are realistically skull-shaped, slowly melting and fun to make!make your party more wonderful with such funny skulls. You can drink Beverage with these skulls in it and enjoy your happy time with your friends Satisfaction

What's The Silicone Skull Ice Mold?

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