When Can I Give My Baby Fruit Nibbler

How old have you been able to give your baby fruit nibbler? 

The minimum age for any solid food is 17 weeks, and no infant should receive food before this age. Now most of the advice is to wait until your baby is six months.

The fruit nibbler provides an easy grip handle for the baby and requires less movement coordination than feeding the baby safe solid food with a spoon or finger. It's not as messy as finger feeding, so it doesn't feel like a challenge to some tactile children.

[Baby 100% safe]

Our fruit nibbler is made of high quality food grade silicone and food safety colorant.

BPA free 


PVC free

Phthalate free

[Safety and multifunction]

Eliminate the risk of suffocation by allowing only a small amount of food to pass through.

Slowly add solid foods such as fruits and vegetables.

[Helps relieve toothache]

Breast milk filled popsicles, bananas, frozen fruits, cooked vegetables, etc.

It is convenient for baby to hold the handle, which is helpful to grasp and reflect the palm.

[Great for travel]

Pressure free cleaning and storage

Stain resistance

Dishwasher safe

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When Can I Give My Baby Fruit Nibbler

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