When do users generally need to change their masks

Everyone should be familiar with masks. We often use them in our daily lives, especially when people travel, they wear disposable masks. However, when does the mask need to be replaced? In fact, the mask needs to be replaced when it is contaminated and contaminated with blood or foreign objects, and the user needs to change the breathing resistance and the mask is damaged. The following detailed information will give you a brief introduction.

Dustproof filter cotton, when the mask and the user's face are kept in good condition, when the user feels that the inhalation resistance becomes greater, it indicates that the filter cotton has been filled with dust particles and needs to be replaced.

The anti-virus filter box should be replaced with a new one when the user smells the harmful substances under the condition that the mask and the door of the user are kept in good condition. The surface layer of disposable masks often collects dust, bacteria and other contaminants in the outside air, while the inner layer hinders the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Inhaled into the body when directly touching the face, and became a source of infection.

Disposable masks should be folded and put into a neat envelope bag when not wearing, and the side close to the mouth and nose should be folded inwards, remember to stuff it into your pocket or hang it on your neck.

If the disposable mask is wetted by exhaled heat or saliva, its function of isolating bacteria will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is usually best to prepare a few more disposable masks for easy replacement and use, which should be washed and replaced once a day. When washing, it should be scalded with water for 5 minutes, and then gently rubbed by hand. After washing with clean water, it should be exposed to direct sunlight. However, there is an activated carbon filter and one-time need not be cleaned.

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