Where To Use Disposable Masks

There are many types of disposable masks, and the role of each is different. For example, if you need long-term exposure to asbestos or fiberglass, you must wear a disposable mask. Some people may need to be exposed to small plant fibers for a long time. For example, people who work in textile factories also need to wear disposable masks. Pay attention to work under high temperature or high humidity environment. The choice is no longer a disposable mask but should be other necessary protective tools.

Disposable masks are often used in manufacturing or processing industries where dust is prone to occur. When dust enters the respiratory tract, it will pose a hidden danger to everyone's safety and also have a greater impact on the lungs. The use of disposable masks can prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract and avoid the occurrence of various diseases.

Disposable masks are often used in densely populated schools, food processing and other enterprises. There are more viruses in densely populated areas. Wearing disposable masks to protect yourself is also protecting other people, minimizing the spread of viral diseases.

Note that disposable masks should be used within the validity period. Each use can only be used once, and should be destroyed immediately after use. If the packaging is found to be damaged, it should be banned and destroyed. Disposable masks should not exceed 80% relative humidity during storage, and should be placed in a well-ventilated room to avoid direct exposure to high temperatures.

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