Which Is The Best Silicone Placemat

1. High temperature resistance: our silicone placemat can withstand high temperature of about 250 degrees. In the process of use, high-temperature items are placed on the silicone placemat, which will not give out bad smell and pungent smell. It can also protect the table top and prevent the table top from being scalded.

2. Anti leakage: the rubber pad itself has a very good anti leakage effect. If oil and water are accidentally dropped, it will not leak to the desktop.

3. High flexibility: our silicone placemat can be stretched freely without deformation. It is made from food grade silicone with good ductility, which is soft and elastic, resistant to kinking and deformation, and will not crack easily, with high strength and tear resistance. Foldable and easy to carry. Whether it's family dining, going out for a picnic, or going to school. If you want to use it, you can use it by folding and opening the tile without any trace.

4. Easy to clean: the front of the silicone placemat has been treated with static electricity, which is free from dust, oil, water and all kinds of stains. Any stains on the surface of the mat can be removed by washing with water.

5. Strong friction: silicone placemat has a good adsorption to the table top, and it will not cause inertia due to dragging the table, which will cause vibration of silica gel mat products and tableware, leading to toppling.

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Which Is The Best Silicone Placemat

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