Which is the best way to disinfect cars

Which is the best way to disinfect carsThere are many kinds of car disinfection, you can Bai to see Du, choose the most suitable one. Recently, in this special period, I think Dao needs to choose products well. Here are my recommendations:

1. Alcohol: volatile gas is not easy to emit, which is easy to cause accidents. After all, alcohol is flammable. It is difficult to ensure the safety of your driving after you let alcohol evaporate. Not recommended.

2. Hydrogen peroxide: too corrosive, not recommended.

3. UV disinfection lamp: convenient and safe, light and simple, easy to carry, convenient to take care of, and will not contaminate the car. Recommended.

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is also called ultraviolet sterilization lamp and ultraviolet fluorescent lamp. The utility model relates to a lamp which uses the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays for sterilization and disinfection. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp radiates the ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm.

UV lamp, also known as UV disinfection lamp, uses the UV light emitted by mercury lamp to realize the sterilization and disinfection function. UV disinfection technology has incomparable sterilization efficiency with other technologies, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 99% ~ 99.9%.

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