Which Nitrile Rubber Gloves Are Suitable For Workplace

Nitrile rubber gloves, mainly made of rubber, are composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile: a group of organic compounds with special odor, which decomposes in the presence of acid or aChinaali. High performance nitrile rubber gloves are an excellent combination of mechanical strength and chemical resistance.


Product features:


1. Excellent chemical resistance, a certain degree of acidity and aChinaali resistance, providing good chemical protection for corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum.

2. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.

Comfortable and comfortable to wear.

4. It does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely produces allergy.


5. The degradation time is short, and it is easy to handle, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

6. It has no silicon component and has certain antistatic property, which is suitable for the production needs of electronic industry.

7. The surface chemical residue is low, the ion content is low, and the particle content is small, which is suitable for the strict clean room environment.

Application: the products are widely used in food industry (poultry, meat, dairy products processing), household cleaning, electronic industry (circuit board, semiconductor and other operations), petrochemical industry, medical and health industry, etc.

Note: after use, it is necessary to recycle the gloves to facilitate the recycling of gloves.

1. After cleaning, use clean packing bags or sealed boxes for storage to prevent dust pollution and sharp objects from piercing.

2. Place in a well ventilated and dry place to avoid yellowing of gloves caused by light.

3. First time treatment, such as discarding after packaging or unified recycling and cleaning.

NBR gloves are one of the chemical resistant gloves. In terms of use, they should be selected according to the specific environmental requirements. The selection of chemical resistant gloves can refer to the "selection of chemical resistant gloves".

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