Which Silicone Mask Is Better

Of course, is the dust level, the higher the better,  now dust mask must perform GB2626-2006 standard dust mask is divided into KN100 KN95 KN90 three levels of  KN100 can reach almost 100% of ultrafine dust (99.97%) the protective effect of granularity, can choose KN95 grade protective effect depends on two aspects: one is filter efficiency of filter cotton mask and facial fit the leak rate after mask must therefore size, regardless of the size of the number of masks and face the leak rate vary from person to person

The way to clean the dust: scientific selection of gb2626-2006 standard certified dust mask, help to prevent lung injury.

Type 1 and half choose double mask disposable masks due to high air leakage rate, not suitable for long-term or occupational protection in 2 select KN100 rank high low dust environment protection rate will lead to the body hurt 3 choose silicone material mask, service life is relatively long, long time wearing comfortable soft, not easy to cause allergic reactions to high hardness masks of the facial mask size, indentation 4 it is extremely important not to buy those so-called general type of face mask, easy to leak 5 mask cover mouth and nose, cover nose and mouth and jaw, recommend the use of the latter, a relatively comfortable 6It is recommended to choose a mask with smooth breathing. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton + double filter surface, which is relatively smooth breathing and has a long service life. Occupational protection is suggested to evaluate from the comfort economy of the above quality level, and choose a good mask that can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis.

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