Which Straw Is Environmentally Friendly For Contemporary People?

Which straw is environmentally friendly
Every day, the United States uses more than 100 million disposable straws, most of which are Plastic. They will eventually enter the water body, harm marine animals, and decompose into microplastics, which can be found in every corner of the earth. In order to solve the plastic waste problem that plagues the world, many places have passed the ban on plastic straws.
But for many people, straw is a necessary daily tool, and many milk tea shops and fast-food restaurants switch to paper straws. However, paper straws will affect the user experience,people don’t like paper straws at all. Compare with other material straw, people are more inclined to silicone Straws.
The silicone material is flexible, durable, non-toxic and tasteless, and has a good taste. Our high-quality environmentally-friendly straws are made of high-quality food-grade Silicone, you can use them with peace of mind.
Which Straw Is Environmentally Friendly For Contemporary People?▲The portable travel foldable straw set includes a Silicone Folding Straw, a cleaning brush, a sturdy outer casing, and a small folding straw set that you can attach to your bag or belt or pocket.▲The Collapsible Silicone Straw is reusable. It stands 9 inches upright and is easy to fold and bend. It can replace plastic or paper straws for everyday use, keeping the earth away from disposable plastic.▲Soft and healthy food-grade silicone, feeling natural in the mouth they are tough and not easily torn apart, suitable for children or people who want a completely soft straw. It is safer than metal/plastic/glass straws —it won't jab your mouth, teeth, while you're walking or driving.
All in all , why not choose a Silicone Foldable Straw and send us a message for details?

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