White Masks Are Easy To Cause Skin Problems

[white masks are easy to cause skin problems] with the emergence of the new crown epidemic, it has become a habit to wear masks when going out. However, there are various kinds of masks. In addition to N95 masks and disposable medical masks, there are even cool masks specially designed for summer.

According to media reports, in the face of hot summer, many people have various skin problems due to wearing masks for a long time, and the influence of white masks is more obvious.

At present, many masks can't cut off the ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to take strict measures to protect the sun when wearing them, the report said. Special attention will be paid to the light around the nose or lenticule if not required. In addition, when there is too much sweat or sebum in the mask, the cosmetics should not be wiped directly, but should be patted with a clean paper towel, so as to reduce the irritation to the skin.

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