Why Choose A Silicone Mask

silicone mask's main advantage is that can be repeatedly used is different from ordinary fiber filter masks are disposable products, although at a more expensive than disposable masks slightly, for there is no mask using stronger, however, the purpose of the silica gel mask use of gas as well as some special environment, so a lot of the old silica gel mask is heavy, not suitable for wear, and estimated in the process of normal use anti-virus effect also cannot achieve the best effect, and now as the product's function and design change, the function above naturally to prevent outbreaks of the virus.

From material, liquid silicone rubber has already been applied in medical necessities, level and medical apparatus and instruments for all the fittings are eminent, it not only has good biocompatibility and physical superiority, in use process also is the good life, the tear strength is larger, as the ears with birth rate is higher, texture soft, comfortable wearing for a long time, so make masks nature in perfect.

Medical grade silicone mask is in grade clean workshop production and inspection in accordance with the medical silica gel standards and high molecular weight poly (dimethyl methyl ethyl dilute base four methyl siloxane and stop chain agent divinyl two siloxane under the catalyst of catalytic copolymerization, clear and transparent appearance, good resistance to yellow, not easy deformation, high tear strength, suitable for high strength requirements of the products.

It is the overall body of the cover made of food grade high quality silica gel. The double-layer silica gel edge makes it fit tightly around the face. The mouth and nose cover with corrugated design can meet the needs of different face types.Silicone material can seal most of the harmful gases, will not become hard aging, easy to clean, very durable.

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