Why Choose Baby Fruit Sucker

Value for money, our baby fruit sucker serves two purposes at a time. It's a fruit feeder and teething toy. It can store fresh fruits, vegetables, ice cream, milk and even medicine. 

Our baby fruit sucker can also dye babies by massaging oral muscles and encouraging healthy skin development. You could simply put the fruit or vegetable inside our baby fruit sucker, take a puff, and then you are ready to go!

There are so simple things to come, there are so many features, bring benefits to your baby! The function of our baby fruit sucker is that they only allow snacks to pass through, not pose a risk to you. It's a safe way to start introducing babies and get your kids through the dyeing phase into solid foods. 

It is also designed with a structural surface and soft siloxane for easy dyeing. Our baby fruit sucker is designed for stress relief. 

3 cleaning options: 1. Sterilized jar, or 2. Wash with milk soap and warm water, or 3. Load in a silica feed to keep our baby fruit sucker unchanged. 

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Why Choose Baby Fruit Sucker

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