Why Choose Childrens Silicone Placemat

Amazing material: our color mat is made of silicone resin, which has good waterproof and antiskid performance, durable, environmental protection, no odor, very soft.

Special design: smooth surface, size 13 x 22cm. Moderate size, practical and beautiful. Four different colors, blue, pink, red, bring vitality and beauty to your home.

Protect your desk: use high quality silicone pads to protect your desk from damage. Prevent high temperature cracking, stain penetration and scratch on the table.

Wide range of uses: the unique mat is not only a practical item for family, office, restaurant, bar and hotel, but also an ideal gift for family, housewarming, wedding, various festivals or parties.

Easy to clean: just use water or brush to wipe gently, can be used to wipe dry cloth or paper towel, simple and convenient.

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Why Choose Childrens Silicone Placemat

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