Why Choose Silicone Baby Feeder

Many parents are considering silicone or latex material when buying food feeder for their babies. Do you have this problem? If so, happy that you found our silicone baby feeder. Our silicone baby feeder is made from 100% food grade silicone, which is best for your baby. Let me explain you why…

Silicone is stronger than natural latex, so silicone baby feeder is durable and does not decompose as quickly as latex nipples. But because silicone is a synthetic material and sometimes chemically treated, some parents prefer natural materials, such as rubber (made from the sap of rubber trees). Latex pacifiers are softer than silicone rubber, but latex also decomposes faster than silicone rubber. 

Besides, latex allergy is possible, so if you think your baby may be allergic to latex, you need to stick with silicone baby feeder.

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Why Choose Silicone Baby Feeder

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