Why choose silicone mask

The main advantage of silicone masks is that they can be "reused" and different from ordinary fiber filter masks. They are disposable products. Although they are slightly more expensive than disposable masks in price, they are better for no masks at present. The original intention of silicone masks is anti-virus and some special environments. Therefore, many old-fashioned silicone masks are buChinay and not suitable for wearing And in the process of normal use, it is estimated that the anti-virus effect can not reach the best effect. Now, with the improvement of product function and design, the function will naturally focus on the prevention of epidemic virus.

From the material understanding, liquid silicone rubber has been used in medical necessities for a long time, and the medical equipment accessories are outstanding. It not only has good biocompatibility and physical advantages, but also has good service life in the process of use. Its tear resistance is relatively high. As an ear band, it has a high survival rate, soft material, and long-term wear comfort. Therefore, the mask is made from However, it is suitable.


 Why choose silicone mask


Medical grade silicone mask is produced in a clean workshop and qualified according to the standard of medical silica gel. It is copolymerized with high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane and chain stop agent tetramethyldivinyldisiloxane under the catalysis of catalyst. It has clear appearance, high transparency, good yellowing resistance, not easy to deform and high tear strength, which is suitable for the production of products with high strength requirements.

It is a comprehensive mask body made of food grade high-quality silica gel. The double-layer silica gel edge is used to make it closely fit around the face. The corrugated nose mask can meet the needs of different face types. The five point headband with quick plate buckle and the edge of double-layer silica gel can precisely fit the face without hypersensitivity. The silicone material can seal most harmful gases, and it will not be aged and hardened, so it is easy to clean, Very durable.


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