Why choose Silicone mask


1.Prevent the spread of virus


Our reusable masks help prevent the spread of virus, swine flu, bird flu and more. Simply place the rope around your ears and

cover your nose and mouth for full coverage when you are at home or in public to help prevent the spread of germs and to protect

yourself and loved ones.


2.More affordable as it is reusable


Silicon mask has a normal service life of 2 years and lower daily use costs


3. Eco-friendly


Reduce the number of masks a user needs to try to get set up( This is important, Most people wear disposable masks when there's

infectious viruses around.

Just imagine, what it means to our planet if the 7.5 billion people wear and abandon one disposable mask each day ?How much

resources it'll waste ? How will the nature digest the trash added ? Under the wide fast spreading of H1N1 flu and ,our reusable

mask is the best choice, We need to stay safe from the virus, we also need to protect our planet with more environmental



4. Food-grade silicone


It is made of food-grade silicone which is same material as the baby pacifier

 Why choose Silicone mask

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