Why Choose Silicone Mug Sleeve

Why Choose silicone Mug Sleeve?

Silicone mug sleeve is made of eco-friendly, safe, food grade silicone material, it is reusable and can be used in many times until you would like to change a new one. It is heat resistance and can prevent you from burns from the hot water. What's more, it is easy to clean and can be washed in dishwasher.

As silicone mug sleeve is made of silicone material, so it can touch directly with our skin and it feels comfortable.

In our daily life, it is very convenient to use it in cups or other high-temperature glass. Also ut can protect the cup from scratching and damage.

1. Non slip holding beverage helps to isolate and absorb liquid condensate.

2. It is made of environmentally friendly silica gel, which is durable and reusable, flexibility and excellent heat resistance.

3. Silicone is soft and durable, make it very comfortable.

4. Protect hands from hot cup without handle. Anti slip and heat resistance is what you always need!

5. Amazing handle and cool grip.

6. Silicone mug sleeve is a great personal style for everyone.

7. Suitable for glass bottle, Plastic cup, mug, thermos cup, cold glass, water bottle, etc.

Why Choose Silicone Mug Sleeve

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