Why Choosing Baby Nibbler

When choosing a baby fruit feeder, our silicone baby nibbler is always the best choice. There's a good reason. Clean. Our baby nibbler is very easy to clean. Gently scrub with warm soapy water, you can easily wash the remainder of your baby’s meal out.

Here are the specifications of our baby nibbler:

  • Material : Eco-friendly food grade Silicone, S size suit for baby 0-3 months old, M size suit for baby between 3-6 months, L Size for baby over 6 months old.

  • Perfect small handle let every baby enjoy the food and fruit by themselves, also baby can play while enjoy the food

  • Suitable for most kind of food and fruit and can be carried on the trip

  • All food feeder made of excellent silicone material and food grade Plastic

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Why Choosing Baby Nibbler

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