Why Is Silicone Mask Bandage Made Of Silicone Material

he novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2020, we are afraid to go out for a time, whenever and wherever possible, we need to wear masks, no masks, and not to go out.

If you don't wear a mask when you go out, you will affect others and yourself. You are very afraid. So one person will infect the fish, and all the people you contact will be affected,

They should be isolated, and they should not be negligent and hurt others. So, whether you wear a mask or go out to work,

Well, the problem is that we can't stand wearing masks for a long time. We can't bear to do heavy work, and we can't breathe easily when we do heavy work.

We know that if the mask is to be worn all day, we must design a soft, elastic and adjustable strap to replace the bandage of the mask.

What are the advantages of silicone mask bandage? Let's analyze it,

First, the silicone mask bandage is designed to be wide and has low pressure. Unlike a round band, it is easy to strangle the ear.

Second, it's soft and elastic. It's soft and elastic.

Third, silicone mask bandage is a medical grade material, contact with the skin does not hurt the skin, more skin friendly, tasteless.

Fourth, the silicone mask bandage product has a long service life and will not be broken at once. It can be used for a long time. The mask is replaced instead of the belt,

Elasticity does not fail.

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Let's take a look at the drawings of our silicone mask tape: we can also design headbands, which can reduce the pressure on the ears

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