Why is silicone wax the best sewing thread lubricant

Choosing a good lubricant has a great influence on the lubricity of sewing thread. At present, silicone wax based sewing thread lubricants are the best lubricants on the market. Why is silicone wax the best sewing thread lubricant?

In principle, silicone wax can stay on the surface of sewing thread for a longer time. We know that the structure of sewing thread is fluffy. In this case, after the sewing thread is oiled, the oil can easily penetrate into the inside of the thread. If the oil goes into the inside of the thread, where can the sewing thread have good lubrication? What are the advantages of silicone wax lubricants?

(1) Good lubricity is provided, and the sewing locomotive speed can be up to 7000 stitches / min.

(2) Good antistatic property, provides excellent clustering of sewing thread, that is, the thread is not easy to disperse. Because the thread is not one, it's all twisted together. If the static electricity is large, the wires will separate.


(3) The difference between static and dynamic friction is small. In this way, the sewing machine needle in the process of running up and down, the jitter is small. The stitches are very flat and improve the sewing quality.

(4) Reduce oil rate and production cost; Foshan Yicheng Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly acts as an agent for some imported chemical auxiliaries, including soft oil essence, silicone oil, sizing wax, sewing thread silicone wax, silicone oil, polyurethane degreasing agent, sewing thread lubricant, hollow fiber oil agent, chelating dispersant, degreasing agent, smoothing agent, leveling agent, dispersant, waterproof agent, stiffening agent, multifunctional finishing agent and other textile auxiliary products

Silicon is resistant to high temperatures and has a cleaning effect. When wax is carbonized in the pinhole, silicon can take it away in time to keep the pinhole smooth. Therefore, the silicone wax composite can meet the needs of high-speed sewing. Silicone wax can not only provide good lubricity, but also greatly improve other properties of sewing thread!

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