Why is the price of silicone oil rising again

In fact, the price of silicone oil has been very high, in the previous period of time, pay attention to the price of silicone oil. With the market and other situations, there are also some simple understanding of the law of multi price. Before, we have learned that silicone oil products can be applied to many business fields.

Therefore, the price of silicone oil will be raised, but some consumers feel inappropriate for such a high price, but is it true? The price of silicone oil rises again. Why?

Silicone oil is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non irritating products, with chemical stability, heat resistance, cold resistance, hydrophobicity, lubricity, high refractive property, stable storage and compatibility with long-term chemical composition group. The external part is the low appearance tension of silicone oil, which can be used for fine lubrication of skin. It is combined with the appropriate viscosity, which makes other components of the chemical easy to evacuate and expand into thin film on the skin.

The deoccurring of silicone oil can be used to obtain non sticky products with Vaseline, white wax, beeswax and lanolin, etc. volatile silicone oil can be used for quick drying, smooth and antifouling of chemical products. The skin care products made of silicone oil can not only moisturize the skin to form a protective coating of acid resistance, aChinaali, salt and organic solvent, but also cover the normal breath of skin and the treatment of dermatitis and eczema.

Silicone oil has dissolving effect on vitamins, fungicides and so on. The cosmetic made of it can form a thin hydrophobic film on the surface of the skin. Not afraid of soap washing, but useful to extend the role of nutrition cream and medicine cream. Sunscreen with silicone oil will not lose due to bathing or sweating, and can be used to prevent the harm of ultraviolet rays. With silicone oil foundation cream, it can protect the skin from pigment and solvent.

The anti sweat deodorant made of silicone oil has no irritation and sensitivity to the skin, and can eliminate pore blockage, clean skin and remove stains. Hair conditioner made of silicone oil, such as hair oil, hair cream, Morse, etc., can make hair with arbitrary temperature comb into a desired hair style, and can be used to prevent external moisture immersion or water evaporation imbalance.

The reason why the price of silicone oil will rise is that silicone oil is widely used in our production and life. Sometimes, silicone oil can be used as lubricant, softener, etc. it has good performance. There is a great demand for silicone oil in the market, and the demand for silicon oil is often led to the rise of price if the supply is short of demand.

Why is the price of silicone oil rising again

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