Why Silicone Cake Molds Will Become A Common Kitchenware?

Why silicone cake molds will become a common kitchenware?

Silicone cake molds are mainly made of silicone rubber raw materials for vulcanization and molding. They are favored in life due to their outstanding characteristics. Among them, the raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless and do not cause any harm to people. The second product has strong high temperature resistance. Silicone cake molds are produced. The normal production curing temperature of the processing factory can reach about 200 degrees, so it can be used within 230 degrees in baking.

    In addition, the product has strong soft resilience, anti-fall, waterproof, and excellent sealing performance. Don't worry about its life span during use! In addition, the superior performance of silicone products can be used in different industries.

    For the silicone cake mold, its processing method is to obtain the desired shape from the steel mold through high temperature compression molding, make the corresponding mold core hole in the steel mold, and press the vulcanization molding of the raw material into the mold core. In addition to the quality and quality of the product, there are certain factors on the mold during the curing process of the machine. Therefore, the mold is the key to making silicone cake molds. The main difference between the different prices of cake molds on the market is the selection of raw materials and the accuracy of the mold. Ask to decide!

    How to choose silicone cake molds is also a worry for consumers. The first one must be the safety of the product, the selection of materials and processes for the cake mold, and whether the silicone product manufacturer has the corresponding environmental monitoring and secondary vulcanization treatment. The appearance quality and the deformation strength of the product, due to the need to bake the cake mold at high temperature for a long time, the material of the cake mold needs to be high tensile and tear-resistant material, the color of the product is environmentally safe, whether it uses food-grade color glue, and the shape of the product is confirmed. Because the cake is sometimes incomplete when the cake mold is out of the mold, there is a corresponding relationship with the mold here.

Why Silicone Cake Molds Will Become A Common Kitchenware?

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