Why Use Baby Fresh Food Feeder

Need a cheap baby fresh food feeder? You will be happy to know that you can have our high quality baby fresh food feeder.

When it comes to purees, baby fresh food feeder really outperforms my best choice. If you look at the top of the food bag, you'll notice a small crack. The crack will remain closed when you scoop in mashed baby food or mud, but it will open when your baby sucks, making it easy for them to pump the mud out of their mouths. 

Besides, our baby fresh food feeder is also suitable for solids, baby can suck the juice through chewing. We also have three sizes for babies at different ages, 3.8*2.3cm for 4-6 momths, 3.8*2.8cm for 6-9 months, 4.4*3.3cm for 9 months or more.

Our baby fresh food feeder is designed in 4 candy-liked colors, including purple, blue, green and yellow.

It can catch your baby's attention and help your baby fall in love with eating fruit.

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Why Use Baby Fresh Food Feeder

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