Why Use Baby Fruit Net

This easy-to-use baby fruit net allows you to put food into a net bag and replace it with a lid. Babies can now suck or chew, and only small manageable food will pass through the web. 

The easy to hold soft grip handle is the perfect size of a small hand, can put in ice, and you can use a new toothbrush to treat sore gums. 

The baby fruit net is equipped with a snap on sanitary cap, so it is ideal for eating and storing during the journey.

Here are some advantages of our baby fruit net:

  • Introducing new flavors and textures to snacks, such as apples, pears and bananas, without worrying about suffocation

  • Our baby fruit netis easy to hold, soft and suitable for small hands

  • Our baby fruit net is suitable for whole foods, using 3 mesh bags, from fruit to cooked vegetables to meat (from 9 months)

  • The use of snap on sanitary hat is ideal for travel or storage

  • No bisphenol A, so you can rest assured

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Why Use Baby Fruit Net

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