Why use china’s silicone rubber


     Jiajie’s  silicone Rubber has these special characteristics and advantages

Why use china's silicone rubber

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  • Special silicone tube with high transparency, high strength, high tear resistance
  • Is manufactured by good silicone rubber with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing.
  • Inert, odorless, tasteless, stainless – ideal for medical and food  applications.
  • Transparent Silicone Rubber Tubings of Food & Pharma grade of various sizes
    High resistance to weathering and oxidation
  • Excellent electrical qualities – many superior dielectric and insulation characteristics in special compounds
  • It has good flexibillity, and good stability Superior resistance to many chemicals
    High resistance to ozone and corona
  • Very good thermal resistance – special flame retardant compounds are available
    Superior water resistance – low water adsorption
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