Why Use Collapsible Silicone Straw For Drinking?

Why Use Collapsible silicone Straw for Drinking?

Safety – Collapsible silicone straw for drinking is made from food grade silicone,100% BPA free. Free from Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, PBBs.

Comfortable Design – The Collapsible silicone straw for drinking is soft, bendy nature keeps kids and adults safe from any potential hurts on mouth, teeth or eye while drinking. Soft to bite down on but extremely durable. Perfect for you to enjoy any cold or hot drinks won't get too hot or cold unlike stainless steel straws.

Easy to carry – Each collapsible silicone straw for drinking has its own carrying case and cleaning brush. The carrying case upgraded in the year of 2019 which more durable and sturdy. You can tie the case to your belt or bag, carry it with you wherever you go.

Easy to clean – Due to the extra long cleaning brush, it can be placed nicely in the center of the drinking straws for easy move and cleaning. Helps keep your straw in its pristine condition at all times. Unlike metal straws, it does not leave any metal flavor after cleaning.

Long service life – The collapsible silicone straw for drinking is reusable, typically they can be reused for over 1000 times which can replace the Plastic or paper straw used daily.

Why Use Collapsible Silicone Straw For Drinking?

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