Why Use Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Our hand sanitizer bracelet can hold up to 15ml of liquid; due to the adjustable length of these liquid wristbands, one size is suitable for more people.

Reliable material: our adjustable hand sanitizer bracelet is made of soft silicone, waterproof, smooth to touch, sunscreen, non deformation and durable; this kind of wrist strap is light and convenient for you to wear and keep your hands clean.

Refill the liquid wristband: you can pour about 15 ml of shampoo, lotion and other liquid into the wrist band of your hand, then simply wear it on your wrist. When you need to clean your hands, you can use it easily; it is very convenient for your outdoor activities and travel.

Wide range of uses: This silicone hand sanitizer bracelet is suitable for adults and children, because these wristbands can be adjusted, so you can adjust it to the right size for you; children can use it back to school, vacation and outdoor activities; adults can use it in the office, shopping, travel, and wash their hands anywhere.

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Why Use Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

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