Why Use Mask Bracket Inner Support?

Why Use Mask Bracket Inner Support?

Mask bracket inner support is made from a upgrade soft Plastic that is very comfortable against our faces, non-toxic , safe, washable for reuse.

Just hang both sides of the mask belt on both sides of the mask extension belt,and there are three adjustment hooks on both sides, which can adjust the mask belt to your tightness. there are two clips on both sides of it, you can hang the bracket on the mask to prevent slipping.

Mask bracket inner support holds up the mask fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space when a mask is put on face.

Mask bracket inner support makes the mask not to stick lipstick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.

Perfectly fit for disposable mask, cloth mask and homemade fabric mask.breathing is smoother, breathable and not stuffy, suitable for outdoor sports, walking, running.

Mask bracket inner support brings you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Why Use Mask Bracket Inner Support?

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