Why Use Mesh Baby Food Feeder

This is not only the best silicone mesh baby food feeder, it is the best all-round baby teething toy. When it comes to durability, I have to praise the mesh baby food feeder. People who don't have BPA get beaten. 

My baby likes to throw feeders to let mom know it's time to add. It hit my tiled floor hundreds of times. And it's still strong. Even silicone is very durable. Although it was clear that my baby's two sharp front teeth couldn't tear the silicone. Suppose your baby's teeth are sharper than mine. If it does tear, there's no need to go out and buy a mesh baby food feeder. 

The unique snap on closure makes it easy to open and close the mesh baby food feeder, using my clumsy fingers. Although I found it easy to open, my baby didn't have the same success. In spite of his best efforts, his little finger couldn't open the lock. 

If you want to know that there is a strange ring at the bottom of the feeder, it allows you to clip the feeder to the Pacifier Clip. By clicking on the Plastic sanitary lid, but the best part about the mesh baby food feeder is how easy it is to clean. Just a little water, the baby's leftovers will slide out. 

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Why Use Mesh Baby Food Feeder

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