Why Use Pacifier For Food

High quality materials: pacifier for food is made of 100% food grade PP and food grade silicone, with CPC certification, BPA Free, Petroleum Free, Lead Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free.

Safe to use: the pacifier for food can be used for sucking various kinds of food except liquid food,which balances the nutrition of your toddlers and makes your kids grows healthily. Mothers can rest assured that their babies can reach solid food through our pacifier for food. The tempered texture of the nipple does not allow large pieces of food to pass through, resulting in suffocation.

Multi purpose: 3 different sizes of pacifier for food, suitable for children of different ages. Every growing baby needs such a baby pacifier for food! These pacifier for food clips can be used to store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, borneol, breast milk and even medicines! It can relieve the baby's gum pain, itching, and help to strengthen oral muscles, these baby fruit sucker is a must!

Easy to hold handle: the nipple has a non slip round handle, which is easier for baby to grasp. It can help your baby eat on his or her own and build his or her independence and self-confidence. At the same time, it can also help baby exercise hand and mouth coordination.

Easy to clean and store: all you do is clean and disinfect the pacifier for food nipple while boiling. Food grade silicone is pollution resistant and will not stain or stain like similar mesh bag products. The design of pacifier for food is light in weight and small in size, which can save more space.

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Why Use Pacifier For Food

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