Why Use Silicone Chair Leg Covers?

Why Use silicone Chair Leg Covers?

Soft material of this silicone chair leg covers, suitable for round and square and other shapes of furniture feet. Such as restaurant chairs, bar stools, patio chairs, kitchen chairs, metal bistro chairs, etc.

We use silicone material and dispose the surface with different coating on the chair leg caps, it is light anti-slip, may not slide well on the wooden floor, no noise and prevent scratch.

Dull polish half clear design of these silicone chair leg covers, can be well integrated into your furniture, almost unnoticed. Soft material design, suitable for round and square chair legs.

These silicone chair leg covers can protect both chair table legs and floor from damage, reduces noise when moving chairs and tables, anti-slip chair leg cap prevents scratches and noise without leaving marks.

Why Use Silicone Chair Leg Covers?

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