Why Use Silicone Cup Coaster For Drinks?

Why Use silicone Cup Coaster for Drinks?

Material- The drink coaster is made of eco-friendly soft silicone. It's heat-resistant which can effectively protect the table, and it's also easy to clean.

Design- The silicone cup coaster for drinks is solid color design, so it is available to custom the logo as your requirements.

Better Life- These interesting patterns will make our mood happy, or it is a good idea to use them as decorations.

Feature- The silicone cup coaster for drinks is made of food grade silicone,Flexible & Durable. Heat resistant range from -40℃ to 230℃, can be used for cold or hot drinks in any occasion. enjoy your favorite alcohol, liquor, fruit juice or other beverage, like beer, wine, whiskey, tropical cocktail, ice water, coke soft drink, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Multiple Uses- You can use these mats at home, outdoors or in the office, or even give them to your friends as housewarming gifts.

Why Use Silicone Cup Coaster For Drinks?

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