Why Use Silicone In Household

Why Use silicone in Household?

The importance of silicone in our modern way of life is undeniable, as durable materials can meet many tasks and have been widely used in basic products, household appliances and equipment. This is particularly important for many specialized industrial processes as well as for household uses.

Silicone is considered as one of the best materials, and it is highly valued for its excellent properties. Some notable properties of silicone rubber include elongation, high tear strength, good thermal conductivity and resistance to extremely high temperatures and even fire.

Silicone is widely used in our daily life, especially in household. The cooking utensils made of silicone rubber are more solid, convenient, easy to use and durable. Soft, non stick surfaces are easy to clean and do not give food any taste or smell. Fresh bag, fresh-keeping cover, can enter the microwave oven, dishwasher from the refrigerator, without producing harmful substances or affecting the quality of food.

Why Use Silicone In Household

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