Why Use Silicone Instead Of Plastic

Why Use silicone Instead of Plastic?

The plastics industry thinks silicone is plastic, and so do we, no matter how many green marketing claims it's not plastic.

In terms of technology, silicone can be considered as part of the rubber family. But if you define plastics as broadly as we do, then silicone is a mixture of synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic polymers. Silicone can be used to make malleable rubbery items, hard resins and daulable liquids.

We treat silicone like any other plastic because it has many properties similar to Plastics: flexibility, ductility, transparency, temperature resistance and water resistance.

Like plastic, it can almost be molded or molded and softened or hardened. But it's a unique plastic because it has higher heat resistance and durability than most plastics, and it's less reactive with chemicals. Although waterproof, it is highly breathable and can be used in medical or industrial applications requiring air circulation. It is also easy to clean, non stick and non staining, making it widely used in cookware and kitchen utensils.

Why Use Silicone Instead Of Plastic

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