Why Use Silicone Tip Cover Protector For Apple Pencil

Are you worried that the screen saver will wear the tip of your apple pencil? If you use it for a long time, your apple pencil tip will wear out, so you need it to protect your apple pencil tip from damage and prolong the life of your apple pencil.

silicone Tip Cover is made of high quality silicone material, sensitive and accurate. It provides enough grip, you can still control its lines, but also feel that the screen is much more smooth. It doesn't affect the effect of the pencil at all. (sensitive touch makes every click enjoyable and comfortable)

Compatible with the first generation and the second generation of Apple pencils. New fashionable colors, luxurious and beautiful design make your apple pencil look great in any situation.

Updated and friendly design – it eliminates the buzz of the apple pencil tip hitting the iPad's screen. When using this silicone tip protector, whether it is drawing, writing or any other touching action, it can keep quiet and do not let any noise interfere with your thinking.

Light and colorful box packaging design, can be carried in your pocket, backpack and other bags; very suitable for light luxury lifestyle. This silicone pencil cover is the perfect choice for Apple pencil tips. It fits perfectly and is very easy to use. Note: please make sure there is no gap between the tip and the cap, otherwise it may not work properly.

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Why Use Silicone Tip Cover Protector For Apple Pencil

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