Why Use The Silicone Face Mask Storage Case?

Why Use The silicone Face Mask Storage Case?

Reliable material: this face covering storage case is made of quality soft silicone material that will protect your face cover for a long time; The silicone face cover case is non-toxic and odorless, safe to use, with flexible texture, 230 degree high temperature resistance, wearable and durable

Perform well: the face cover storage clip prevents your mouth cover from dust, moisture, dirt, and other factors in the outside environment, no need to worry about getting your face cover contaminated by putting it on the table or in the pocket while eating.

Portable keeper holder: the silicone cover carrying case has a wide mouth design that retains its shape for a long time; Fold the face cover carefully and insert the face cover into it; Boil soak the case after every use to keep it safe and clean.

Multi-functional silicone case: the face cover storage holder is convenient to use, not only can keep many types of face covers, but also can be applied for other uses like storing or carrying small items as tissue, jewelry, rings, necklaces, screws, nails, hardware parts, etc. around with you.

Why Use The Silicone Face Mask Storage Case?

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